Kingpin® Flavored Premium Wraps


Now with Three Delicious Wraps in every tube!

The world's most wanted cigar wraps are here. Kingpin Premium Wraps are the newest and hottest cigar wraps to hit the streets in a long time. Kingpin Wraps are packaged in a freshness sealing reusable tube. You can even use the tube as a carrying device for your pre-rolled cigar or as a snuffer to extinguish a partially burning cigar.

Available in fourteen tantalizing flavors: Bahama Mama, Big Apple, Cherry BonBon, Chocolate Mint, Hawaiian, Maple Syrup, Peach Paradise, Mango Tango, Blueberry Bomb, Liquid Honey, VSOP Cognac, Goomba Grape, Melon Madness, and Spanish Fly.

Update 2009: Due to the increased taxes due to SCHIP, the cost of cigar and cigarette tobacco has increased 200%. This has led to consumers using less tobacco per cigar and cigarette. We heard you guys complain about this and that our wraps were simply too large. Because of this we have discontinued manufacturing all blunt sized wraps and products. All new products are now the smaller cigarillo size that will help you get the most smoking enjoyment per dollar spent on tobacco!

Goodbye Kingpin Blunts – Hello Kinpin Cigarillo Wraps!!

Note: Although wraps are shipped with packaging moisture to protect them and make them easy to roll, after rolling please allow to fully dry before smoking – otherwise the wrap may unravel during smoking or burn poorly.

** Designed for make your own tobacco cigars  Tobacco is dangerous and addictive. Kingpin and the Kingpin logo are ©®


We constantly strive to keep your supply of Kingpin Wraps fresh. We have a hidden expiration date code on every box - if they happen to get too old we literally crush them and throw them out. Here are some photos of one of those destructions of some older Kingpin single wraps.

Kingpin® Blueberry Bomb

Kingpin® Bahama Mama

Kingpin® Cherry Bon Bon

Kingpin® Big Apple

Kingpin® Goomba Grape

Kingpin® Peach Paradise

Kingpin® Melon Madness

Kingpin® Chocolate Mint

Kingpin® Liquid Honey

Kingpin® Hawaiian

Kingpin® Maple Syrup

Kingpin® VSOP Cognac

Kingpin® Mango Tango

Kingpin® Spanish Fly

The Exclusive Sealing Flap Keeps Your Cigar Sealed!