You’ve probably seen him on the X-Files…yeah, the little alien dude! But most likely you’ve seen him on the pack of the fastest selling, hemp rolling paper around, Chills®. Chills® papers were first launched in 1995 and at that time the only hemp papers available were “Canuma.” Canuma was a VERY thick hemp paper made by Efka (now part of Imperial Tobacco) in Germany.  Chills® launched its line of ultra-thin, hemp papers with truly natural gum and immediately took the market by storm. They taste great and burn smooth!

The Chills® Alien and Tribal Hemp papers were the first of their kind ever to be approved for sale by US

The Chills® line grew to offer many products and sizes over the years. The Chills® King Size were the first mass-marketed, king-sized paper to come with built-in paper tips (patented).

In 2003, HBI® International purchased the American and European rights to Chills® Paper and rolling tobacco brands. Now Chills® has been relaunched with a new look and improved products and has become a top-selling brand again. The famous Alien logo is symbolic of the era when Chills® first started – the early 1990’s. At that time, Alien designs were all the rage. Nowadays, the Alien is really a lot of fun to see, and we again buck the trends by keeping the original logo alive – just the way our smokers want it! LONG LIVE CHILLS®!

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