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Elements® launched two new, game-changing inventions. The first is the PERFECT FOLD™. In short, this is an improvement on the original 1900 invention of interleaved rolling papers. Instead of sheets being center-folded, they are folded in the exact, perfect spot for rolling.

The second, and the one that created a LOT of buzz, is the ELEMENTS® ARTESANO™. This is an amazing concept in rolling paper packaging where each package of ELEMENTS® ARTESANO™ contains rolling papers, tips and a pop-out, spring-loaded rolling tray. In brief, the ARTESANO™ will blow the minds of your customers. They will show it off to their friends who will ask “where did you get that?” Not only is it über-cool, it brings lots of new customers to your door and gives you an edge over your competitors.

  • Products: Papers, Cones, Rollers, Tips, Trays, Vaporizers, Apparel, Pipes, Smoking Accessories
  • Website: elementspapers.com