In 2008, Elements® launched the new MAGNET-PACK invention. These packs were designed to better protect the beautiful thin rice papers inside. Also, they keep the packs closed (Josh said he was sick of seeing his beautiful packs of Elements® stuck open). Smokers truly appreciate the magnetic closure system, and sales of Elements® Magnet-Packs increased.

Elements® launched two new, game-changing inventions. The first is the PERFECT FOLD™. In short, this is an improvement on the original 1900 invention of interleaved rolling papers. Instead of sheets being center-folded, they are folded in the exact, perfect spot for rolling.

The second, and the one that created a LOT of buzz, is the ELEMENTS® ARTESANO™. This is an amazing concept in rolling paper packaging where each package of ELEMENTS® ARTESANO™ contains rolling papers, tips and a pop-out, spring-loaded rolling tray. The entire pack closes securely using the Elements® magnetic closure system. In brief, the ARTESANO™ will blow the minds of your customers. They will show it off to their friends who will ask “where did you get that?” Not only is it über-cool, it brings lots of new customers to your door and gives you an edge over your competitors.

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