Introducing IRIE rolling papers, made from one of the finest blends of natural proprietary hemp on the planet. The reason we launched IRIE rolling papers is because we consider smoking to be a “way of life” much like the way Rastas consider Rastafari to be a way of life. The Rastafari movement originated as a way for people to reject corrupt and oppressive powers and to reclaim more wholistic and inclusive societal norms.

It is our hope that these papers can help carry on the Rastafari message of empowering the people, by helping to ignite conversations, embolden creativity, and inspire good times for good people. So stuff one, roll one, smoke one however you like, and we hope that each time you take out IRIE rolling papers you are reminded of the natural divinity that Rastalogy teaches, is in each and every one of us. “Smoke on Jah Rastas!”

IRIE 1 ¼

IRIE Kingsize