Pay-Pay® is probably the oldest brand of rolling paper in the world. It has existed since 1764 – before booklets were even invented! It used to be made in large sheets that smokers would have to cut up. Pay-Pay® papers were originally traded by Spanish sailors for cotton and tobacco in North America (this is the earliest we’ve ever heard of a paper entering the North American market). Pay-Pay®’s packs and styles have changed a lot over the 248 years this brand has been available.

Until recently, only a few smoking connoisseurs knew what Pay-Pay® was. However, Pay-Pay® has earned a reputation as a modern, high-quality,  low-cost paper. The paper is made from pure hemp with sweet sugar glue. Pay-Pay® paper also is a great value, with an average cost of only pennies per pack. We have in our office old, original, antique paintings that are Pay-Pay® advertisements from the turn of the century. They are beautiful and part of our museum collection.

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