DLX® makes it into our history section because it’s a historical achievement. DLX® is a newer rolling paper that is specially blended to complement today’s finer tobaccos.  Over the past decade, tobacco quality and moisture content have greatly improved due to newer growing methods and technology.  DLX® is the first paper designed to meet the needs of the modern smoker. Applying new technology to rolling papers is something nobody has done in the past 20 years or more.  DLX® has modernized its unique rolling paper to match the modern, moister, denser tobaccos grown today.  We like this product a lot.  Why would anyone smoke old, outdated rolling papers that burn faster than their tobacco?   DLX® papers burn extra slow and use HBI®’s proprietary, criss-cross, run-preventing watermark.

We all know a smoke is only as good as the paper it’s wrapped in. DLX® 84mm paper, beyond being made from the special slow burning cross-weave to begin with, is a new size of rolling paper.

1¼ papers are 78mm long. King Size papers are 110mm long. Yet a standard sized cigarette is 84mm long! For years we’ve heard smokers say that 1¼ is their favorite size but they wished for something a bit longer. So after testing many sizes, we finally came to the conclusion that the reason most cigarettes are 84mm long is because it’s the perfect length for a cigarette!  Thus DLX® 84mm was born.

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DLX 1 ¼

DLX® RED 1 1/4

DLX 84mm