ZEN® is one of the finest Asian-style papers ever made.

Quite a bold statement, we know, but HBI® sells one of the largest assortments of papers in the world, so it takes a lot to impress us. When we first tested Zen®, we were shocked and amazed at the smooth flavor, perfect burn time, and resilience of the paper. Zen® is a paper for any lifestyle and allows you to fully enjoy your smoke.

The Zen® product line also extends into premium rolling machines, which are of the highest quality and even come with an extra rolling apron. These rolling machines offer the most complete line, including 70mm, 79mm, 110mm, 110mm cone and 79mm power roller. The latest Zen® is the Zen® EFFEN® Vaporpaper™, which is the most beautiful Zen® yet.

  • Products: Papers, Tubes, Vapourizers, Pipe Cleaners, Rollers, Tips, Accessories
  • Website: zensmoke.com