Skunk® is one of the oldest brands of hemp papers in the marketplace.  When it was launched in 1994 it took the market by surprise and carved out a longstanding niche for itself.  The SKUNK character “Stinky” is very well known and has even been on its own line of clothing.  The Original Skunk® papers are made in Spain and are one of our longstanding favorites.

These Skunk® papers are made in Spain of pure hemp. They burn nice and slowly and have a very loyal customer base. The Skunk® concept comes from the experiences of its creator, Orion.  Orion was an avid RYO smoker and kept getting shunned wherever he went.  Whenever he would light a smoke, people would pinch their noses and say “eewwwhhh, that stinks would you please put that out”. He felt like a Skunk – and thus Skunk® Brand was born.

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